Indulge in the experience of relaxing body wraps that hydrate your skin, detox it and give you a healthy skin. This is one of the body purifying services of our Body spa that nourishes the skin for a fresh look and feel.

Rogue spa offers a range of body wraps that include body polishing and masks that are crafted with natural ingredients such as coffee, mint, jasmine, rose, and cinnamon. The Volcano mineralising body wraps deeply nourishes and purifies the skin cells with a relaxing heating wrap from New Zealand. Our Mint & Field Horsetail Tonifying Body Wrap is a rejuvenating body spa service that stimulates blood circulation. It is a unique blend created with menthol from mint leaves to provide the skin with a fresh sensation. The Coffee and Cinnamon Anti-cellulite Wrap is combined with a vigorous scrub that breaks down collagen, leaving your skin firm and toned. With the goodness of rose and wheat germ, our Rose and wheat germ body wrap purifies and stimulates the skin to give it a radiant look. It leaves your skin healthy, clear and glowing. Our body spa services also offer the Jasmine and oatmeal body wrap to treat your skin with moisturizing properties. It restores the damage caused to the skin by pollution and exposure to the sun. This deeply scented body leaves your skin firm and hydrated. .